7 Best Social Media Optimization Tools for your Business

7 Best Social Media Optimization Tools for your Business

Social Media Optimization or SMO as we commonly refer to puts up a real challenge for professionals who have to juggle multiple postings round the clock, on clients’ accounts, on different social media platforms. In SMO the keyword is ‘timing’ together with ‘frequency’ that enables social media updates – tweets, posts, shares, etc. to attain more visibility on the news-feed of the target audience. It’s not at all an easy job! If you’re in charge of updating your client’s social media profiles with relevant content day in and day out, you’re in for a spin if you don’t use the Best SMO tools!

While knowing the social media optimization techniques will support your cause by enabling you to understand the client’s requirements which in turn will help you to chalk out a favorable content strategy for optimizing client’s social media profiles in the various platforms, there can be no denying the fact that social media optimization tools will not only minimize your workload to some extent but will also streamline the work process.

Having said this, it needs to be mentioned that if you’re new to using social media tools for the business you might get bombarded with the flurry of such software once you Google – Best tools for SMO. A plethora of SMO analysis tools are available, each one claiming to be better than all others. But, honestly, such claims are mostly for giving a marketing push to the particular tool and to increase its subscriber base – free and paid, both.

At Internet Marketing School, we teach our students how to help businesses leverage the maximum out of social media optimization by using the best-in-class SMO Tools, which have been proven to be better than the rest, tested by millions and certified by the ace marketers worldwide. In this post, we bring to you our knowledge of Social Media tools for business, which are – easy to learn, and easier to operate!

List of 7 Social Media Optimization Tools in 2020

Here’s our social media tools list, curated by the best trainers of Internet Marketing School. We have shortlisted 7 Social media optimization tools for your Business.

1) HootSuite


According to our experts, the best social media management tools 2020 award goes to Hootsuite. It is altogether of a different league than most others featured here. Hootsuite is an enterprise-level SMM software that has an active user base of over 10 million professionals worldwide! You can analyze your campaigns on different social media platforms from the Hootsuite dashboard not just create, curate and share and schedule them! Besides, Hootsuite enables subscribers to access its ‘team management tools’ where from you along with your team can create and manage your SMM campaigns in real-time! Hootsuite reports are crisp to the extent of being too critical on data and performance metrics. The reports can be downloaded seamlessly and the app version of this SMO tool is available on iOS and Android platforms and has already touched a “7 million download in 196 countries”.

2) AgoraPulse


The catch with this top-of-the-class SMO tool is its stunning reports above everything else! Agora Pulse lets you manage all of your social media channels from a single dashboard. That’s no surprise. But the analytics it offers to users is jaw-dropping. It offers three models of its analytics software – for Agencies, for small businesses, and for large brands. Besides, it provides a unique ‘zero inbox’ feature which essentially notifies you of which tweet has been replied to, which post has been commented upon what hasn’t been handled so far. Thereby, the job of an SMO becomes easy with Agora Pulse! Add to it the stunning reports which this SMO analysis tool provides- all decked up the slide by slide in a neatly packed Power point, compels us to award Agora Pulse the number 2 spot in our list of best SMO tools.

3) SocialOomph


It does add the ‘oomph’ factor to your social media marketing mix! One of the ‘most featured tools’ in SMO tools list, SocialOomph has least evolved, in terms of its functionality, over the years, yet still retains its efficacy and accuracy when it comes to automating twitter and facebook posts on a number of accounts for long time duration’s. In fact, one of our very own digital marketing trainers once mentioned using this tool for the first time way back in pace at which social media marketing scenario is evolving day by day. He continued with his experience of scheduling a month-long content calendar on SocialOomph at a single go and had to never cross-check twice for possible faults in the automated system, is any. All of his tweets and posts were published with the same accuracy as per his schedule. SocialOomph remains, to this day one of his favorite free social media management tools.

4) Every post


In the rapidly changing landscape of social media marketing, performing the task of social media optimization is just not limited to working on desktops. Rather today, most marketers are increasingly becoming accustomed to using mobile applications for SMO which lets them seamlessly access their/ client’s various social media accounts and perform all tasks – posting, scheduling, monitoring, analyzing and reporting of their campaigns. Every post is built keeping the new-age marketers who are on the move. Every post app lets you curate content, customize content, schedule curated content and posts in addition to enabling its users to share content seamlessly across the major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Everypost app is available in both the iOS and Android app marketplace.

5) SocialFlow


Social Media Managers have to juggle with – paid, owned and earned social media campaigns day in and day out. For them, time management is of utmost concern. Social Flow comes to the rescue enabling SMO specialists with a specific post, pins and tweet recommendations which the marketer can re-post, re-share or retweet to build up an active follower base. What is more, a Social Flow user can use the tool to analyze the campaigns using keywords and hashtags used. In short, Social Flow helps to drive engagement to social media campaigns in addition to easing social media optimization.

6) Tweepi


Tweepi, as the name suggests, is a Twitter management tool. But you may ask why did we keep it on the number six spot? Well, the reason for this is the fact that Tweepi, although ‘just’ helps you to manage your Twitter profile(s), it is by far the best Twitter management tool you’ll come across. If growing your brand on Twitter is what matters to you most, tweepi will offer you a complete package. All you have to set up your twitter account on tweepi with # hashtags and @ users who are relevant to your niche requirement. Tweepi’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) will churn out the best tweets and users for you to follow from your /client’s account and build up your follower feed in a quick time. Besides, the usual task of monitoring your tweets, retweets, @mentions, DMs are all taken care of by tweepi. All you have to do is spend less than an hour every day with this Social media management software and you’re all set to rock the Twitterverse!

7) Buffer


Social media isn’t a one-way street. If you don’t communicate with the respondents of your posts and tweets at the earliest, their interests are going to die down. Thus, your ‘hard’ work goes to vain! Buffer offers a composite dashboard platform from where you can manage all your/ your client’s social media platforms at a single go. With Buffer, you can set your schedule for the particular posts and forget about it. Buffer will post your scheduled update perfectly on the exact time and platform that you have set for. You can queue a number of updates on Buffer (for example – around the clock chain of tweets to ensure a 24×7 visibility of your profile on the twitter feed) and Buffer will keep on publishing your content automatically on the designated time and date. What is more, you can create Instagram content on your desktop or on your smartphone and schedule reminders via Buffer to post your photos on Instagram at the ideal time (when most of your Instagram followers are online based on their following/interaction history).

With all of these fascinating social media optimization tools available managing multiple social media accounts for business becomes easier than you might have thought of. So give it a try and let us know which tool suited you and how good were our recommendations.

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