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Asus ROG Mothership Review

Paging Dr. Funkenstein, the Mothership has arrived. And it is just as pleasantly outlandish as when I first set eyes upon it. Essentially, the Asus ROG Mothership is a mini all-in-one gaming PC, stretching the very definition of the word “laptop.” All the venting and components reside in the display portion of the system, leaving…

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Obsbot Tail Artificial Intelligence Powered Camera Review

Introduction Now that Artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding to almost every segment of our life, making it a lot smarter with each update, it has finally come to cameras. No, I’m not talking about the hit and miss AI smartphone cameras. I’m talking about real-time tracking. I’ve used it on a bunch of smartphones and…

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RØDE Wireless GO Review

The RØDE Wireless GO is an interesting product, so let’s find out more about it. KEY FEATURES Ultra-compact digital wireless microphone system, only 31 grams each Dual purpose transmitter with a built-in omnidirectional microphone and external 3.5 mm TRS input Three-stage output pad on the RX (0 db, -6 db & -12 db) All-new Series…

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SabineTek SmartMike+ microphone review

REVIEW – I occasionally record videos on my smartphone, but one of the annoying things is that the microphone doesn’t work well for some outdoor conditions, mainly windy days. When the Sabinetek SmartMike+ review offer came along, I hoped it would solve that problem. What is it? The Sabinetek SmartMike+ is a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless microphone,…

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My Pantogar Review (2020) – Does It Really Help Hair?

What Is Pantogar? Pantogar Capsules are a self-proclaimed “specific treatment for hair and nails” (i.e. a hair, skin and nails vitamin) that’s manufactured by an Egyptian pharmaceutical company named marcyrl. One pack of Pantogar costs between $9.99-24.99 (depending on where you shop), contains 60 gelatin capsules, and, based on the directions of usage (2-per-day), will last users for approximately…

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I’ve always hated the gimmicky and mostly meaningless tech-jargony term “disruptor,” but that really is the role Black magic plays in the film industry. It makes cameras that shoot footage with a quality that approaches giants like RED and ARRI but at a fraction of the cost. The Pocket Cinema Camera line has become a…

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