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Asus ROG Mothership Review

Paging Dr. Funkenstein, the Mothership has arrived. And it is just as pleasantly outlandish as when I first set eyes upon it. Essentially, the Asus ROG Mothership is a mini all-in-one gaming PC, stretching the very definition of the word “laptop.” All the venting and components reside in the display portion of the system, leaving…

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Samsung CRG9 49-inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Review

Last year, Samsung turned the market upside-down with their super-ultra-wide, 49” CHG90 gaming monitor (review), and it provided a uniquely awesome experience—despite a somewhat low 1080 p vertical resolution. This year, they’re one-upping themselves with the CRG9 (See it at Amazon), which—for a $1499 list price—brings the same super wide form factor at a much…

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